Pioneering the Groundbreaking Climate Future Making Co-Benefits Accessible with Tech Solutions
Creating an unstoppable path towards a sustainable future


Sustainiam began its foundation in India in 2022 and further expanded to the US in 2023, establishing itself as a global force in environmental sustainability. With a growing presence in UK, Europe, Middle-east and South-East Asia, we are committed to driving positive change in the world

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Empowering every action & product to Offset Environmental Impact with Precision, Innovation and Accountability

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To create a world where every product leaves no carbon footprint behind, a world where sustainability isn't just a goal but a way of life

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Championing sustainability through innovation and collaboration with unwavering integrity

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Sustainiam envisions a world where sustainability is ingrained in every aspect of life. We lead the way with innovation and global cooperation, combating climate change while promoting economic growth.
Meet the Founders
Sapna Nijhawan
CEO, Founder
A Post Graduate in Product and Finance, brings extensive experience in sustainability, financial markets, and business development. Passionate for cycling and with a perpetual quest to travel new horizons.
Pranav Burnwal
CTO, Co-Founder
A 4x founder with expertise in open-source protocol development and scalability solutions in the tech and Web3. Enthusiastic gamer, avid anime fan, skilled coffee artisan, and dedicated martial artist.